Area of Concentration and Lines of Research

The Professional Master’s in University Administration has a single area of concentration, entitled “University Management”. This area of concentration seeks to study and apply systems, models, techniques and policies for the professionalization of higher education institutions, considering the complexity of their management and their importance for the development of society.
It is currently divided into three lines of research:

Analysis, Models and Techniques in University Management
Management analysis, models and techniques applied to Higher Education Institutions. Topics studied: Strategic Management, People Management, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, Project Management and Process Management.

Public Policies and Society
Research and studies that allow the analysis of public policies directed at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Study of the interface between Higher Education Institutions and society. It covers the study of integration and cooperation with other HEIs or organizations, focusing on developing innovative solutions related to products, processes and organizational methods applied to university management.

Evaluation Systems and Academic Management
Evaluation systems and indicators applied to Institutions of Higher Education: SINAES (Institutional Evaluation, Institutional Self-Evaluation, ENADE- National Student Performance Exam, Program Evaluation) and Graduate Studies Evaluation.
Academic management includes the studies of: university dropout, permanence, graduates, PPC (Program Educational Project) implementation and management.

History of the Lines of Research

The Graduate Program in University Administration (PPGAU) began its activities in 2010 with two lines of research: “University and Society” and “Academic and Administrative Management”. In 2015, the program underwent a process of discussion and reformulation of its lines of research, and in May 2016, the new lines described above were approved.